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Simple, Electrical Safety Management Software

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An Electrical Safety Management System covers a vast subject including electrical inspections, testing, specifications, authorisation of staff, rules and regulations plus many more.

This is implemented by businesses to ensure they are electrically safe and compliant within this ever changing field.

Due to the technical nature of this subject, many businesses overlook this area and potentially leave their staff exposed to hazards and the company to penalties

SHARK ESMS aims to guide your business to compliance by providing a simple to follow software solution, aimed at management with little to no electrical knowledge. 

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Accidents involving electricity reported to the HSE each year


HSE reported accidents involving electricity which were fatal


No Paper, No Apps...

Our software runs on Amazon Web Services, one of the most reliable and secure cloud hosting services in the world. SHARK can be accessed from any web browser, meaning no installation, no downloads and no paperwork!


Using guidance from the Institute of Engineering Technology, we have
built our software to follow the most robust standards of compliance.


The Users

Accessed from any web browser, the site level dashboard provides managers with a clear overview of everything electrical.

Defects are displayed at the top, click to access photos, descriptions, locations and which are ready to be signed off. 

See which inspections are completed, coming up and overdue

During inspections, dangerous Code 1 defects will be alerted to you by email.

Guidance, rules and regulations can be found further down the dashboard.

Find asset lists for isolators, RCDs, emergency devices and lighting, etc.

Expandable folders allow you to store documentation such as certificates, schematic drawings, design and project works.

Audits are easy when everything is in one place!

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Unit Management

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Accessed from any mobile or tablet web browser, the engineers mobile access is a simple yet powerful tool.

Carry out compliance inspections. 

The software will ensure all assets have been inspected prior to completion.

Capture photos for each defect.

Defects raised during the inspection are immediately uploaded to the site level dashboard.

Capture photos of completed works as you go.

Access shared site documents, such as schematic drawings, this has been a huge WIN for breakdown engineers!

Cross check inspections by accessing previous reports.

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Area Management

An area level dashboard allows management to oversee the electrical compliance for multiple sites, from here they can drill down to site level for detailed information. This can be useful for off site auditing, staff absense and training new management.

National Management

At national level, a dashboard overview of the whole business is displayed, dividing the business into sectors. Group H&S, engineers and management have a clear picture of their electrical compliance across the country.

UK map in satellite photo, England terrain view from space. Physical map of Great Britain
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  • Do I need to Download software to a PC or phone?
    No, Shark ESMS is completely cloud based using AWS.
  • What is AWS?
    Amazon Web Services offers set of global cloud-based solutions including compute, storage, databases, analytics and security, for on-demand applications such as Shark ESMS
  • Which browsers are compatible with Shark ESMS?
    Shark ESMS has been tested on Microsft Edge, Chromium, Firefox and Safari and should run on all other modern browsers
  • Is my data safe?
    Using AWS it is secure as is possible on a cloud based system https://aws.amazon.com/security/
  • Is my data backed up.
    Yes, It is backed up as part of the AWS See https://aws.amazon.com/backup/faqs/
  • How do I update the software?
    Being cloud based, you do not need to update the software, any software changes will be automatic. Additional features will not affect any existing data or usage
  • Can I download my data?
    All of your relevant data, documents and reports etc. are downloadable. However, the main database is not downloadable as it could not be used independently from the Shark Software.
  • I've forgotten my password what do I do?
    Click 'forgotten password' underneath the password bar or contact us as below and we can reset you password.
  • How do I add a new user?
    Contact us with new user details, email and access level required. We can set them up.
  • How many users can I have?
    There is no limit to the number of users
  • How to I log in to both Manager and engineers’ dashboards?
    As the login email address sets the level of access available you will need a different email address for engineering and management dashboards
  • Do my engineers need to be issued with tablets or phones.
    To use Shark ESMS internet access is required, engineers do not have to have a dedicated device, any phone or tablet with internet access can be used as nothing is installed on the device. This can be via the local network or 4G.
  • When connected via 4G will I use a lot of bandwidth.
    The engineers login is specifically designed to run on a phone and being largely text based minimal bandwidth is required. Although this will increase if large photos are up loaded, but generally this is low compared with modern phone useage.


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Kent, TN15 7AF



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